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It's about choice!

Dollar Bill offers you more choice by delivering coursepacks in print, interactive digitally enhanced (Digital Premium Pack), or our very popular COMBO package (Combo Premium Pack) where your can purchase both formats at an amazingly low price. We are well-known for our printed packs. Explore our new digital options below. 

Digital Coursepacks are Here! Access anytime, anywhere - Whether on your desktop, iPad, or Android device, our Digital Coursepacks are available to you! Convenient online ordering. No more lines!

The Choices You Want! Coursepacks just got better with Dollar Bill’s Digital Premium and Combo Premium coursepacks. You now have the choice to buy the format you want whether it’s digital, print, or both.

Our new Digital Premium coursepack comes with a ton of great features such as advanced search, easy navigation, highlighting, and note-taking tools. In addition, you can use the new collaborative tools to share notes with other students or organize and enhance your current study regimen. Best of all, access is obtained anytime or anywhere without the need of Internet access.

Pick digital, print, or both by choosing our Combo premium model where you can have the best of both for one very low price! At Dollar Bill we are making it easier for you to make the choices you want.

Dollar Bill Coursepack Options:

Printed Coursepack
This is our traditional printed pack of your course materials.
Digital Premium Pack – Great Features!
This is a feature rich digital version of our traditional printed coursepack.  You can access your course materials at any time, from any location online, on a laptop or desktop, or with our free apps for iPad and Android tablets.  
Here are just some of the features available to you:
• Collaborative tools to share between you and fellow students
• Note-taking tools to enhance your current study regimen
• Advanced search function
• Highlighting and underlining tools
• Easy navigation & interactive
• Study smarter - carry less!
Combo Pack: Printed Coursepack + Premium Digital Pack – Best Value!
Get the best of both worlds! This option gives you our traditional printed pack and a Digital Premium pack.  


Learn more about our new Digital Premium Coursepacks here:  

To see more about Dollar Bill’s new coursepack products check out the videos below.  

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