Instructors: Build Your Coursepack

What is a Coursepack - Your Expertise, Your Choice!

A coursepack is a personalized collection of journal articles, book chapters, illustrations, videos, and instructor notes. More importantly, a coursepack is your way to put the most significant, relevant, and timely information in front of your students at any time during the year. Afterall, who knows better what your students need to learn and read than you. 

Your coursepack is truly a custom product. From the minute your order is received, our experienced staff are assigned to take it from start to finish. We put your coursepack together taking care of all the details: negotiating copyrights, master file creation, and accurate production. Dollar Bill will also process and pay professor royalties on custom content. But we can’t do anything without you. A coursepack can be the most important and timely information your students read. It is YOUR creation that we produce and distribute to your students.  

Dollar Bill has been successfully printing and distributing coursepacks as well as digitally enhanced coursepacks since 1977. Our process is simple, and we have the experience to make sure your coursepack is ready for your students when they need it. Give us a call and let us show you how easy it is to get started today!


Why a Coursepack?

Cost Effective

The concept of a coursepack is inherently cost effective. Coursepacks should only include the most important and timely information determined by you, the expert. Less important material should be saved for on-line and free distribution. (Some studies show that when material is posted on-line and at no costs, is deemed less important by students.) So, if you think it’s important and want them to read it, put it in a printed or digitally enhanced coursepack.

Print Means Less Distractions

A printed coursepack is still the best way to get your students to focus on the most important and timely information they need to learn. With a printed coursepack, you get their undivided attention. No Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, text or emails. In other words, LESS DISTRACTIONS!


Coursepacks are timely. While a textbook might be developed a year or more in advance, you can make a coursepack ANY TIME. Late-breaking news? Important new research? No problem. Dollar Bill makes it easy to make a coursepack whenever you want it.


Coursepacks are about choice. Too many coursepack vendors limit your choices or take forever when they encounter unaccustomed material. Why limit your choices because of your vendor’s inexperience? Dollar Bill has been successfully building coursepacks for over 40 years. We have seen it all and are prepared to handle whatever it takes to put the most valuable and timely information in front of your students.
Dollar Bill offers your students more choice by delivering coursepacks in print, interactive digitally enhanced (Digital Premium Pack), or our very popular COMBO package (Combo Premium Pack) where your students can purchase both formats at an amazingly low price.


No hoops to jump through or long forms to fill out. We strive to make it easy! Once we have your materials, we figure out the rest. We put your materials together, secure copyrights if necessary, and prepare your coursepack for either print or digital distribution.


Currently, all Dollar Bill coursepacks are safely sold on-line and shipped directly to your students. We have a proven system that is safe, efficient, and fast. Getting the most valuable information in front of your students has never been faster or easier.

Digital Coursepacks- Still the Choice You Trust!

Dollar Bill has teamed up with Xanedu, our digital partner, to provide a digitally enhanced coursepack for you and your students. You still receive the same outstanding customer service, organization, and quality you’ve come to expect and trust from Dollar Bill. The only difference is you and your students now have more choices, including the choice of using a digitally enhanced coursepack or both print and digital for one low price.

Students that choose digital will appreciate readability, advanced search and navigation, and more collaborative tools to enhance their learning experience. And once setup and loaded, they do not need the Internet to gain access.

A digitally enhanced coursepack provides other benefits for you to customize your materials. The use of links and video will give you the ability to enhance your coursepack even further while maintaining a firm control on costs.  

Print is still the preferred choice, but now you can provide your students with a digitally enhanced option. Even better, we now offer a Combo Premium Coursepack package that provides the best of both print and digital for one amazingly low price!


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